Modeling Requirements

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Modeling Requirements

There are modeling requirements for all the different types of models and multiple categories in the modeling industry. If you want to be successful you will need be versatile and creative to be able to fit the modeling requirements of your clients. It is important to bear in mind that models are self-employed. They are rarely employed by the agencies who represent them. Even super-star models are self-employed or also known as freelance models.

One of the most important fact that new models have to determine when they are starting out is what modeling categories their looks, measurements and features are best suitable for to satisfy the specific modeling requirements. Most common mistake aspiring models make is approaching random modeling agencies unprepared. Not knowing what modeling do they specialise in and not having a modeling portfolio with them increases the risk of falling into the traps of the scam artists which unfortunately this industry is very much exposed to. Being safe and getting the right information from the right people is key to starting a successful modeling career. The good news is that if you are on a tight budget and you are not able to book a professional photoshoot assessment yourself, you can register with a modeling platform company such as SIX models who can provide all the help and support for you.

You will need all the answers to the following key questions:


What are your measurements

What kind of look you have

Can you pose

Are you natural

Can you connect with the camera

Can you follow directions

Does the camera loves you


With having a professional assessment done you can be sure that you can be a professional model and have a clear idea what kind of modeling is suitable for you.


You should not be disheartened If you are not matching the modeling requirements to be a high fashion and catwalk model. There are so many other types of models that are successful such as Editorial Modelling; Commercial & Character Modeling; Catalogue Modelling; Fitness Modelling; Promotional Modelling; Cosmetics Modelling; Classic Modelling; Plus-Size Modeling and more.


As long as you have a professional evaluation done and having a clear understanding of the modeling requirements of the category you are specialising in you will have every chance to become a successful professional model. It is important to realise that with launching your modeling career you are starting your own business and building your brand. Here are some valuable tips to help you keeping on top and manage your successful freelance career.


  • Being passionate about what you do will ensure your success.
  • Always act as a professional and don’t let standards slip.
  • Knowing your strengths and your weaknesses will allow you to avoid mistakes.
  • Continually work on your modeling skills will increase your confidence.
  • Keeping healthy lifestyle is key to look happy and healthy.


Modeling requirements also vary depending on the types of models such as Female Models; Ethnicity Models; Male Modeling; Children Modeling;

Female Modeling Requirements

Female models have always been popular and in high demand across all the modeling categories and in particular in the high fashion and catwalk, catalogue, editorial, cosmetic and commercial. Such a demand has made the female sector the most lucrative and desirable sections of the modeling industry. However getting into the professional world of modelling could be a daunting experience as it is a very competitive market. It requires dedication together with self discipline and determination as success won’t come overnight.

Ethnicity Modelling Requirements

As the world has become an open market more and more ethnic models are being represented by the mainstream media and the demand is constantly growing. There has been a huge increase in black, Asian, Indian and Chinese models being used on the catwalk and to front cosmetic and fashion brands. For example Chinese model Zhang Zilin has been used as the face of L’Oréal Paris campaigns.


Male Modeling Requirements

There are so many areas which male models can explore in depending of their looks, physic, ethnicity and age. Slimmer and taller male models tend to go for the high fashion catwalk modeling. More muscular models tend to be more successful in the health and fitness modelling as well as underwear and sweet ware modeling. While the catalogue and commercial sectors are looking for male models with more natural appearance.

Children Modeling Requirements

Parents and their kids can both enjoy the wonderful world of children modelling as long as they know that modelling is a job and it could be quite demanding at times. The parent’s first priority is to ensure the happiness and the safety of the modelling child first. Child modeling is the most regulated modelling category in the industry and it is important for the parents to be aware of the laws and restrictions involved.


So if your dream is to achieve financial independence as a professional model go ahead and register to apply for the free SIX Models mentoring service. SIX Models platform is a FREE service which will give you the “know how” of everything you need set up in order to launch your exciting new career and promote your own brand….and when you get on the path of doing something right, just keep doing it and your success surely won’t be far away.




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