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Modeling Agencies London


If you wish to come to London to start a modeling career the smart way to do this is to look for a reputable modeling platform first. While the agencies have the ability to provide jobs for aspiring models the competition may seem impossible to overcome. The reality is that London is one of the fashion capitals of the world attracting all the major brands and businesses whose first choice of marketing is modelling. Therefor most modelling agencies in London are rarely short of work and new models are advices to get well prepared before taking the decision to apply.

Modelling platform companies such as Six Models are set to provide aspiring models with all the help and support they require to start their modeling career on a right foot quickly and safely. Starting with evaluating their modeling skills and helping them prepare for the types of modeling agencies London has to offer. Registering with a modeling platform is important as it gives you an instant access to industry professionals. You can ask all the questions concerning modelling and about the opportunities available for you in the city of London.

You will also find that some of the top modeling agencies are based in London. Some of the well established international brands like Elite Models, Storm, Models One and Premier also based in London have the power to turn their young models into super stars. They are also known as exclusive agencies and usually specialising in the high fashion industry. They have plenty of work for their models keeping them busy with the constant flow of high profile assignments. Models who have been accepted to join any of them had the success of their career pretty much guaranteed.

There are many other smaller agencies in London that don’t have the same power as the top modeling agencies but it doesn’t mean they are less worthy. London is a huge marketplace offering constant flow of job opportunities for variety of categories and subcategories of the modeling industry.

What modeling agencies London has to offer can vary from commercial, editorial, TV and film to cosmetics, fitness and child modelling as well as many more. Therefore they must be  prepared to cater for all kind of businesses from small enterprises to large retailers and corporations.

The nature of their business is much more diverse than the top high fashion agencies as they are required to have much longer list of models on their books in order to be able to satisfy all the requirements of their clients. Those agencies usually work with models who are not exclusively signed to them. Models joining them on a non-exclusive contract so that they are not restricted to do jobs for other clients or agencies. So if you are not signed to a top modeling agency it is recommended to join multiple non-exclusive agencies for maximum exposure. Joining more agencies will increase your chances of getting more work.

Gaining experience from working with the non exclusive agencies will help you build a strong portfolio which can lead you to the opportunity of working with top modeling agencies.

If you are determined to start a modeling career in London and want to start earning as soon as possible you should find a reputable modeling platform to get all the help and advice on your best course of action.

Modeling platform companies such as SIX Models have the answer for all your questions concerning your future career which is everything you need to know from modelling assessment to marketing and getting ready for the big stage of the modelling industry.

You will know how to become a professional model and start making money with a minimum investment and risk free using your modelling portfolio.

After your registration is approved they would arrange a free photoshoot test for you with a professional modelling agency. A team of professional viewers will evaluate your abilities on how you:

Connect with the camera; Can pose; Can take directions; How your look translates to the camera; Does the camera loves you?


They are there to give you a professional opinion and you should not be offended if they tell you that modeling is not for you as it will probably be true. You should know that you are dealing with team of professional people who are not there to judge you directly. They are there to make you as comfortable as possible so you can show your modelling potentials. Their aim will be to inspire you and motivate you. When you join a reputable modeling platform they normally provide you with a mentor who will be personally looking after you.

Should you choose Six Models, for their successful applicants SIX Models will book a FREE photoshoot test at one of the most prestigious modeling studios in Central London`s Piccadilly worth over £500.

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