How to get into modeling

six models


How to get into modeling

six models

If your dream is to become a model the very first thing you will need to establish is can you be a professional model. Having beautiful figure and good looks is always a plus, but this is only scratching the surface of the professional modelling requirements. If you want to learn how to get into modeling without wasting more time, look for modelling platform companies such as Six Models which can help you with getting professional evaluation done on your modelling abilities. Just to be clear, modelling platforms are not agencies. They are there to offer aspiring models all the help and support they require to get them ready so they know how to get into modeling and be successful.


There is a demand for modelling in almost every business and every industry in the world. Modelling is a highly effective marketing tool which businesses are using to show the strengths and the beauty of their products and services and make them desirable.


Modelling is a hugely diverse industry covering many different types of modelling categories and subcategories. If you want to be successful you will first need to determine what kind of look you have and what strengths and weaknesses you may have in order to pick the modelling category which is right for you. There are many characteristics which the models are evaluated by when it comes to choosing the areas of modelling matching their abilities. Having given a professional assessment you will know how to get into modeling and what steps you will need to take to succeed.


Six Models platform offers FREE assessment for aspiring models to help them pick the right category that they can concentrate all their efforts on. Some of the most popular modelling categories are listed below:


Catwalk and High Fashion Modelling; Editorial Modelling; TV & Film Extras; Commercial & Character Modeling; Catalogue Modelling; Fitness Modelling; Promotional Modelling; Cosmetics Modelling; Classic Modelling; Plus-Size Modeling


Get an expert’s opinion of your prospects as a model

If your dream is achieve financial independence as a professional model it is quite essential that you look for an expert’s opinion to determine what is the best course of action to start your modeling career. SIX Models is one of the leading modeling platform in the UK helping aspiring models to prepare for the many opportunities available out there for freelance models. For the successful applicants SIX Models will arrange a free test photo shoot with a prestige modelling studio where a complete team of photographers, stylist and makeup artist will carry out a professional assessment.


The test photo-shoot is design to bring out the best of your abilities and not to judge you directly. Our experienced team will be there to inspire you and motivate you but also evaluate you on essential things like

– can you follow directions

– can you pose

– how your images translate to the camera

– how adaptable and versatile your images are


With a professional evaluation done you will know how to get into modeling with a clear direction for your future career.


SIX Models works with only best and if you are in London for example, your photo-shoot will be booked with one of the most prestigious photography studios in the West End Piccadilly.

Modelling portfolio

The studio you will be send to for your test photo shoot will evaluate your modelling abilities and only if you are successful, SIX models assessor will talk you through the process of constructing and developing a professional modelling portfolio. How to develop and promote your modeling portfolio is the first lesson you will learn if you wish to know how to get into modeling as a professional.

The portfolio is the one most important marketing tool that models can have. This is their CV to put forward when applying for freelance jobs or joining modelling agencies. One thing you need to remember is that you should never compromise on the quality of the images in your portfolio as this is what the modelling agents and casting directors will be looking at when deciding on the choice of models they have on the table.

What’s more, different modelling agencies can have different requirements for signing models. So you will want a diverse portfolio to try and reach into as many areas as possible. Having developed a diverse portfolio is one of the most effective tricks on how to get into modeling and get bookings in multiple categories.


Agents who wish to represent you will need to show your printed portfolio on the meetings with their clients. Having your portfolio available on-line as a webfolio, having your portfolio in digital CD format and Z-card format can significantly increase your chances of more exposure and more bookings. You should always take your printed portfolio with you when attending castings for agency clients and freelance jobs. Be switched on and always on the look for new job opportunities. Every modelling job counts, no matter how big or small as it is adding to your modelling experience and helping you build a stronger portfolio.


Launching your modeling career

Before you make the decision to start a career in modelling you must be aware that you are not just starting a job but you are launching your own small modelling enterprise.

As scary or exciting ‘launching a new career’ may sound you should know that you are not alone. If you decide to join SIX Models, they will be there to support you and look after you every step of the way so you know how to get into modeling and launch a successful career without wasting more time.


The modeling industry can be very competitive, but if you are determined to become a model just follow these three simple steps which will help you start an exciting and very rewarding career.


SIX Models will actually reveal how to get into modeling as a freelancer and create your own brand right from the start.


  1. Pick the modelling areas that are best for you. Register with SIX Models modelling platform to get your professional assessment done.
  2. Using the list of agencies SIX Models will provide you with do your research to learn as much as possible about each one of them. Approach only agents who are specialising in your field and enquire of the type of contracts they are offering. Unless you are signed to an extremely high end agency you should be looking to sign a non-exclusive contract. This enables you to join all the agencies available in your area which will increase your chances of filling up your booking calendar.
  3. Think of yourself as business owner and explore all the available channels of getting new opportunities. As a professional model you should always be prepared. The best way to do this is to have your modelling portfolio produced in both printed and a digital formats so it could always be available and easy to deliver whether you are communicating with your prospect online or meeting them in person.



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