How To Get Into Modeling For FREE And Start Earning Without Having Prior Experience

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How To Get Into Modeling For FREE And Start Earning Without Having Prior Experience

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About You

If want to know how to get into modeling and start earning as a full time model you have come to the right place. You are probably not aware of your full potential and all the opportunities this exciting industry has to offer. The arrival of the internet have made a lot of changes in modeling industry and now modeling has become even more desirable career than ever as it can be highly profitable and does not require big investment to get into.

So chances are if you have the looks and the talent to be a model already, you just need to be given the “know how” of turning your talent into a highly profitable business.

The problem

You see, lack of expert’s information and advice on how to get into modeling is one of the biggest problems models have. Too much glorified information out there, too many options but no clear step by step instructions on how to get into modeling and make money..Chances are, you already know that you have what it takes to be a model but you don`t know how to start making money with it. We are not surprised as this is the case with 90% of the models who fail to make it in the modeling industry.


You’ve probably invested a lot of time in research and learning on how to get into modeling but when it comes to actually implement all that information, there are always some questions arising and you are not sure if you doing things right. What’s more, there’s no one to call to help you when you’re stuck. Very often models just need someone to reassure them that they are following the right steps.


What also may be puzzling you how all these models you often see on the social media seems to be successful and why can’t you be one of them.

This is why SIX Models created this article to provide a step by step guide on how to get into modeling.

4 Steps on how to get into modeling and start a successful career

  1. Assessment – in order to define what type of model you are you will need to register with a reputable modeling platform such as SIX Models who will book a test photoshoot for you to establish your measurements and evaluate your modelling abilities. This will help you decide which modeling category you can be most successful in, so you concentrate all your efforts and energy into it. Modelling platform companies also provide free mentoring service set to give aspiring models all the tips and advice on how to get into modeling safely and quickly.
  2. Credibility – establishing your credibility is important so when potential clients research you they should see you as a dedicated professional who they can trust to do the job.
    1. If your assessment comes positive you can order your professional portfolio and have it created in four different formats: printed binder, CD, webfolio and z-card.
    2. Use the Social Media to create accounts in all the popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Brand yourself using the same profile picture, theme colours and description across all social media sites. Use social media management software to save time and get maximum exposure.
    3. Post regularly about your professional life and the trends in the modeling industry.
  3. Marketing – All models are freelancers which means that modeling is their own business. As such freelance models have to explore all the channels and possibilities of getting more jobs.
    1. Search Google for “modeling opportunities”, “modeling jobs” and reply to adverts.
    2. Search for blogs and forums specialising in modeling to take part in the conversation by posting comments so you can include link to your webfolio and draw people’s attention back to you.
    3. Search Twitter for people talking about opportunities or ask questions. and See What Is Happening Right Now!
    4. Join large groups and communities on Facebook, G+ and Linkedin to take part in conversations, comments on posts and again an opportunity to draw people’s attention to your site. One thing you should remember is that people who you meet on social media don’t like to be sold but enjoy conversations and create relationships.
    5. Research all the modeling agencies which are specialising in your type of modelling. Pick the ones that you wish to work with and put your application forward. Most modeling agencies offer non-exclusive contracts for freelance models which means that you can apply to join as many agencies as you need to stay on top and get regular flow of bookings.
    6. Take part in Open Calls, Go see and attend trade shows and networking events. Don’t underestimate any assignment offers that comes your way even the free non paid jobs. They all count as while you are getting more experience in the modeling industry your confidence will grow and will help you create a stronger portfolio, build relationships, get references from other models, photographers and casting directors.
  4. Professional conduct – While appearance is always the decisive factor in the modeling scene, you have to have the right attitude when invited to auditions and castings. The three other vital ingredients to make a professional model are determination, discipline and self-confidence.


You see….getting into a successful modeling career doesn’t have to be so hard. Many models who have embraced the internet have become successful because it allows them to reach out to a great amount of modeling agencies, brands and individuals connected to the modeling industry. When you gain enough experience and establish your credibility as a professional model you will feel confident to put your application forward to the top modeling agencies and be prepared to work with the best in the industry.


For more information and full continuous support on how to get into modeling safely and without wasting more time give SIX Models a call or register for FREE on the form provided.


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