How Female Models Become High Fashion Models

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How Female Models Become High Fashion Models

Female Models

Modeling has always been a very desirable profession and especially amongst young girls and women. Female models are often associated with the glamour lifestyle of the models that manage to become high fashion models. This also makes it one of the most popular and most competitive category of the modelling industry. The high fashion modeling agencies requirements being quite strict and demanding only a small percentage of the girls make it to the podium of the high fashion models catwalk. But this should not be a reason to discourage you as new talented female models are being discovered every day and let me reassure you that it takes much more than just a luck. You are not only have to be on the right place at the right time but when the opportunity comes you should be well prepared for it. If you are not ready you will simply miss out.

Modeling Platform For Female Models

While Modeling agencies remain the main supplier of models for the high fashion brands, with the arrival of the internet modelling has become easier to access for new aspiring female models. Modelling platform companies such as SIX Models are offering free services for aspiring models in their quest for finding new talent. Their services includes the very first steps that are required to take towards becoming professional female models. These would include an industry expert’s advice; free test photoshoot; expert viewer assessment; referrals to the appropriate modelling agencies and most importantly getting the right information from the right people. Joining a reputable modeling platform is the safest way to start a career in the modeling industry without risking of falling into the traps of the scam artists or wasting more time.

The First Steps

Modeling is a hugely diverse but highly profitable industry, a highly popular marketing tool used by literary every fashion brand and desirable to all successful businesses. Models are people who represent the products and services made for people. A model’s job is to help sell those product which they represent by being able to get into a character and make their target market relate to them wearing the product. In order to be successfully get picked for a high profile photoshoot assignment the model should be able to demonstrate their ability to get into a character; being able to incorporate acting in everything they do; being able to deal with challenges such as doing the catwalk on an elevated podium, wearing a 9” high heels or working in cold or hot weather conditions; holding tarantula spider in their hands or a “venomous” reptile. It is all about confidence. And the only thing that will give you such confidence is being prepared.


With so many modelling categories having a professional assessment done will help you find you niche market in the modeling industry to suite your modelling characteristics and start a successful modeling career. So here are a few important things female models should consider doing before make the decision to put their application forward to the top modeling agencies.


  1. Register with a Modeling Platform to get a professional assessment done
  2. Developing the right modeling portfolio that is relevant for your category
  3. Research the modeling agencies who specialise in your genre and apply to those which are relevant.
  4. Create your social media accounts across the net as a professional model
  5. Have your portfolio developed in all the available formats for maximum exposure
  6. Be self-marketer. Explore all the channels of getting paid work and most importantly be switched on and ready for it.


Except the top modeling agencies, most smaller agencies usually offer non-exclusive contract for freelance female models. This means that female models are able to join as many non-exclusive agencies as they can find to get maximum exposure and increase the chances of getting paid work.


Nevertheless any assignment offers that comes your way should not be underestimated, even the free non paid jobs. They all count as while you are getting more experience in the modeling industry your confidence will grow helping you to create a stronger portfolio, build relationships, get references from other models, photographers and casting directors. Even having an extensive experience under your belt you will never know when the opportunity to get to the big stage of modeling will come, but when it comes you will make sure you are ready to grab it.



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