Go See Modeling Opportunities From Non-Exclusive Modeling Agencies

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Go See Modeling Opportunities From Non-Exclusive Modeling Agencies


Modeling Opportunities


Modeling opportunities for models can be found everywhere. The digital age revolution and specifically with the help of the internet modeling opportunities are now widely advertised and easier to reach by both modeling agencies and freelance models.

All models are freelance models

Being a freelance model means that you are self employed and it is equal of running your own business and investing all your time and efforts into your own brand. It will be your decision of what jobs to take on or what agencies to work with. Signing with modeling agencies does not mean that they are employing you. It is a common practice for modeling agencies to sign their models on a non-exclusive contract for supplying them with freelance work.

Modeling Opportunities Through Non-Exclusive Modeling Agencies

With their ability to cater for all modeling requirement to their clients, modeling agencies remain the most important supplier of work for freelance models. So if you want to make a successful career in modelling you will need to know how the modeling agencies operate.


The modelling industry have many different genres and categories but the business principles remain the same throughout the industry. Modeling agencies are set to provide their clients with a choice of models that are closely matching the requirements for their photoshoot campaigns. They negotiate the fees with the clients and charge percentage of commission for every job they book for their models. Usually around 20-25% commission is taken from the models earnings before they get paid. So the more jobs they book the more commission they will earn. The good news for the models is that most modeling agencies are offering the jobs on a non-exclusive contract basis. That means that they are not restricted to model for them exclusively but they can join as many non-exclusive modeling agencies as they need to stay booked at all times.

Go see Modeling Opportunities and Open calls

Most modeling agencies regularly host open call or go see events when aspiring models are invited to meet the agents who are looking for models to meet the characteristics of their clients requirements. There is no need to make an appointment. On the Open calls and Go see events, agents are seeing models in small groups sessions throughout the day.

It won’t guarantee a success but it is a good common sense to attend the early sessions rather than the late ones while the viewers are not tired and the spirits still run high.

Castings and Auditions

Castings and auditions are arranged by the agents when selected models meeting the clients in person so the clients can make a decision on which models to pick for the job. So it is vital for the models to be there on time and be prepared.


While it is not compulsory to bring a professional modeling portfolio when you meet your agent for the first time on Open calls or Go see, having a professional advice and carefully selected portfolio photographs prior the event will give you a significant advantage and make you stand out. In the cases when an agency really see your potential and they are willing to sign you on they will want to invite you to auditions and castings with their clients. This is the point when you will be required to have a professional portfolio ready. They cannot send you to casting without one as you have no way of showing the casting directors your versatility and how your mages translates on camera. This is what clients and casting directors look at upon deciding who they want to hire for jobs.

Most agencies will send you straight to the photographers where you will need to pay for the photoshoots and the production of the modelling portfolio while some may offer you to cover the expenses required. However, it does not mean that you are getting it for free. You will be expected to pay it back usually by having to pay the agency a higher commission. Depending on the agency in some cases they may still keep you responsible for the debt even if you have not been working for them or decide not to do modelling any longer. Therefore for aspiring models is advisable to get well informed about the agencies they are approaching and make sure they read through the contracts carefully before signing. No reputable agency should put a pressure on you should you wish to take more time to review the contract.

Modelling Platforms

Modeling Platforms are companies such as SIX Models who offer aspiring models free impartial advice and professional assessment on their modeling abilities. Registering with a reputable modeling platform is the first step in the right direction towards becoming a professional model. You will receive all the help and support you will need. Best of all, for the successful applicants they will help further by arranging FREE photoshoot tests with a professional modelling photography studio to evaluate their modelling abilities and give a specific advice on the important points of:


  • What types of modeling you should be targeting so you put all your efforts in to it and be successful.
  • How to construct and develop a professional modelling portfolio
  • Help you prepare and apply to modeling agencies
  • Refer you the right modeling agencies that are suitable for you
  • Review the contacts that you have been offered.
  • Give you lots of valuable tips and advice on how to promote yourself as a professional model in order to stay on top and get bookings.



By now you have probably realised that getting the right information from the right people is what will ensure you starting a successful modelling career safely and without wasting time.


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