Top modeling agencies – how to get accepted

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Top modeling agencies – how to get accepted


Top modeling agencies are the once that every model wants to sign with. Being accepted with the one of the top modeling agencies can define the success of a young model career.

Top modeling agencies are known to work with top photographers, stylists, makeup artists and casting directors and a network of the best high fashion brands who keep coming to them with endless lists of high profile assignments. This enables them to offer exclusive contracts for their models, providing them with plenty of jobs so they don’t have to look for extra work elsewhere.


If you have the right measurements, posture and the talent to be a model, becoming a professional top model should not be that difficult. Top modeling agencies work with the best teams of professionals so you need to demonstrate that you are on the same level. While appearance, good looks, and the right measurements are most important the models professional conduct can be the decisive factor. Establishing your credibility as a professional model is very important as this is what makes a model stand out.


The first step would be looking for a professional photography studio to create your modelling portfolio. An expert viewer will be assessing your modelling abilities and body characteristics. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is important as it will help your continuous professional development.


All models are freelance models so if you are not signed to an exclusive contract with a top modeling agency you should be aiming to join as many non-exclusive agencies as possible in order to get more exposure and bookings. When you are starting out you should consider every modelling opportunity no matter how big or small and that includes even the free non paid photoshoots. Gaining experience, building relationships and getting references from photographers, stylists, makeup artists and casting directors should be your first priority. The more jobs you take on the more your confidence will grow. Constantly adding strong and quality images to your portfolio will give you a significant competitive advantage and make you stand out. Your persistence and hard work will help you establish your credibility as a professional model which will make you more desirable.


The Social Media offers the greatest opportunity for freelance models. Using Social Media is a very effective way to brand yourself as a professional model and get more exposure.

One thing to remember is that using social media is all about being social, take part in conversations and build relationships. You will never know where the next opportunity will come from as people in the fashion industry usually stay in the industry so it is vitally important that you are constantly working on building your list of contacts.


With the time your confidence will grow and when you feel ready to apply to work with the top modeling agencies find the ones that are available in your area and approach them to enquire about putting your application forward. You should be able to find the list of modeling agencies online. You need to bare in mind that not all agencies are the same but they may specialise in the different areas of modeling such as commercial, fitness, high fashion etc. Doing more research will help you establish who they are and how credible they are. Look for signs such as: are there any famous models work for them; are they sponsoring events; do they have large fan base on social media; check YouTube for recorded events or commercials. If they look credible enough find an application form on their website to apply or give them a call to enquire. Personal approach always works better but you can also send them an email or fill out a webform on their website. If their offices are not too far it is not a bad idea just to walk in and ask for an application form. Taking more personal approach will show them your determination and meeting them in person may increase your chances of being accepted.


Every reputable modeling agency should fairly review your application as they all should have an equal opportunities policy in place. Depending on the modeling categories the agency specialising in they will be looking for models who will be closely matching the characteristics of their clients requirements. Find out what their requirements are to determine if your portfolio is matching the category of modeling they are working in. Even if you have put your application forward but it has been rejected it does not mean failure. Rejection is absolutely normal as very often the casting directors are looking for specific characteristics when looking to hire the right model for the job. So rejection should not discourage you as there are other agencies who may find that your look is just right for them.


If you are just starting out and you need a professional assessment done Six Models is a professional modeling platform set to help aspiring models determine the best course of action towards starting a successful modeling career. Applying for a free valuation is simple, just fill the registration form provided and upload your best picture. Our support team will call you straight back as soon as you application has been processed.

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