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Male Modeling

Over the last few years male modelling has grown massively with so many different areas to explore. From fashion clothing to sports wear, accessories and cosmetic there are more and more products for men on the market and the budgets for advertising have been growing in equal proportion. This has created modelling job opportunities for males of almost all shapes, age, ethnicity and sizes.


However if you wish to become a professional there are modeling requirements that you need to know about. As a general rule all men are required to have good physique. Male models of a slimmer, sharper look tend to find success in high-fashion modelling like catwalk and designer. More muscular models tend to be a perfect fit for fitness and health modelling as well as swimwear and underwear modelling. Areas such as catalogue and commercial modelling are always looking for male models with a more “natural” and “normal” look as they are aiming at the masses.

Professional assessment

Most men won’t have the universal classic look that fits all male modeling agencies requirements. The key to starting a successful career is to first determine which modeling category their appearance and modeling abilities are best suited. Having a professional evaluation done is essential for aspiring models to help them pick the right one so they can concentrate all their efforts in building an appropriate modeling portfolio for the relevant modeling requirements. The good news is that modeling platform companies such as SIX Models offer professional assessment for new models FREE of charge as part of their ongoing support and mentoring program.

Male Modeling Agencies Requirements

It is important to know that not all modeling agencies are the same. The large spectrum of businesses in variety of industries creates the demand for more versatile modeling requirements. Therefore before start approaching those agencies in random it is strongly recommended for new models to get a professional advice about constructing their modeling portfolio the way that it matches the male modeling agencies requirements. As it was mentioned before using modeling platform companies such as SIX Models you can get such consultation and personal advice for free.

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