Child Modeling Agencies Offer Great Opportunities For Parents And Their Kids

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Child Modeling Agencies Offer Great Opportunities For Parents And Their Kids

Child Modeling Opportunities

The modeling industry offer child modeling opportunities which could be highly rewarding not only financially but parents and their kids can enjoy some of the wonderful experiences they will have together as a family. Most kids love the game of wearing Disney clothes for example, and getting into character of a princess, sailor, pirate or which ever it might be. While modeling for kids can be a wonderful experience, parents must be aware that modeling is a job that comes with certain responsibilities and commitments. There are plenty of child modeling opportunities out there. Parents have a choice of signing to child modeling agencies or even respond to private adverts for modeling opportunities. The modeling business could be highly profitable and it can also be quite demanding at times. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the happiness and wellbeing of their children comes first. Fortunately the Child Modeling is the most regulated in the industry and it is imperative that parents are aware of the laws and the restrictions involved.

Parents involved in child modeling

Parents who are considering child modeling for their kids often ask the question what their involvement and commitments are going to be. The first thing they will need to consider is that models under 18 years of age are required to have a parent or guardian to attend all the events with them. The parents are acting as their kids managers and guardians to ensure their safety and best interests. They are making the decisions what jobs they would like to take for their kids so they manage their spare time in such a way that kids do not have to miss on school or lack behind with their studies. Child modeling can be a fantastic opportunity for kids to learn important lessons in life of discipline, following direction, be artistic, work in a team which will all contribute to building their confidence. Taking on different modeling opportunities is providing them with exciting experiences and as well as spending quality time together as a family.

How Much Does Child Modeling Pay?

Child modeling can be very rewarding as it can generate a steady income as well as give you the valuable experience which will prepare your child for a future career in the glamorous world of high fashion modeling. Especially for parents whose ambition is to have modeling as a future career for their kids they will need to be well informed about how the modeling industry works. Its their job to make contacts with the relevant child modeling agencies, build relationships with photographers, stylists and casting directors and constantly build on their list of contacts to increase their chance of getting leads and finding more work. Although all models are freelancers they can negotiate their fees, most jobs offer fixed rate for the photoshoots and models do not have much choice but to accept or refuse them. However the value of the different photoshoot campaigns may vary greatly as some brands can pay from a couple of hundreds to a £10K plus. Other companies may offer fixed hourly rated between £75 to £250 an hour. So the parent will be responsible for reading through the contract and make sure they understand the all the particulars about the fees, expenses, traveling, timing etc.

Child Modeling Agencies

Working with child modeling agencies can be very beneficial as their job is to find more modeling opportunities for you and also will negotiate the best possible rates on your behalf. The modeling work on commission which means they are taking a percentage of your earning every time they book a job for you. The more jobs they will book for you the more commission they will earn.

Child Modeling Working Hours

Child modeling is always in high demand and it can be highly profitable however there are limitations to how children can be involved. By law children under 16 are not allowed to work or be exploited. This is why parents are required to apply for a child performance licence from their local council. There are set rules and regulations that surrounds the child modeling as the health and wellbeing of the children is always the first priority regardless of how demanding the photoshoot assignments can be. Parents always have the right to withdraw their child if their well being becomes a concern.



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Fitness modeling requirements

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Fitness modeling requirements

There are no specific measurements that are required in fitness modeling as long as a person is healthy and fit they can be a fitness model. While fitness modeling can be suitable for anyone who is healthy and fit it is understandable why fitness modeling is popular amongst people such as personal trainers and athletes.

Fitness modeling is all about healthy lifestyle, nutritious diet and keeping fit. If you want to be a fitness model you should adopt a mindset towards leading healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

Fitness modeling can be used to promote products such as sporting companies sports clothing, fitness magazines, sports channels and healthy eating and drinking products as they represent the pinnacle of fitness.

Being fitness model doesn’t mean that you should be a bodybuilder. You should have a regular healthy lifestyle and without the need of spending all your time at the gym. Using artificial supplements such as steroids is totally against everything that fitness modelling is about as it is harmful to the body. If you want to be a fitness model your goal should be to achieve a realistic and healthy look. Healthy and happy appearance is the main objective of fitness modeling.

Body builders do come under the bracket of fitness modelling but the products that they would promote would be slightly different, it would mainly be things such as protein shakes and specific body building magazines.

Eating healthy is key to achieving healthy look. Not starving yourself but achieving optimum nutrition can benefit greatly your overall appearance by having young looking skin, thick and shiny hair and eyes becoming brighter and clearer. Having healthy hair, skin, nails and teeth is considered to maximise the chances of becoming a successful fitness model.

To become a fitness model requires positive attitude to healthy lifestyle that inspires others to follow your lead.

Is fitness modeling for me

The first step towards becoming a fitness model is getting a professional assessment done about the shape and the characteristics of your body and your modelling abilities. Modeling platform companies such as SIX Models offer FREE professional evaluation. SIX Models is well established, a nationwide company and their services are free of charge for new models who are just starting out. Using a modeling platform helps aspiring models to learn everything they will need to know about fitness modeling. Attending a test photoshoot is essential to help evaluate the models abilities. Based on the professional assessment the expert viewers can advice them further on the opportunities available for them in fitness modeling.

Getting the right information from the right professionals is fast forwarding your future career. By making realistic assessment of your body you will have a clear understanding of your strengths and use them to your benefits. Knowing your weaknesses will help you to avoid making mistakes and help you to improve on your skills.

It is absolutely essential for fitness models to have the right look in modelling but another part that is almost equally as essential is having the right attitude when finding work especially when just starting out. You must be aware that it is model’s job to sell products so fitness models must be confident, energetic, photogenic and versatile. It is also crucial to have a professional portfolio specifically matching the requirements of the fitness modeling  as it is important for casting directors to see skills and diversity within your look.

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Go See Modeling Opportunities From Non-Exclusive Modeling Agencies

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Go See Modeling Opportunities From Non-Exclusive Modeling Agencies


Modeling Opportunities


Modeling opportunities for models can be found everywhere. The digital age revolution and specifically with the help of the internet modeling opportunities are now widely advertised and easier to reach by both modeling agencies and freelance models.

All models are freelance models

Being a freelance model means that you are self employed and it is equal of running your own business and investing all your time and efforts into your own brand. It will be your decision of what jobs to take on or what agencies to work with. Signing with modeling agencies does not mean that they are employing you. It is a common practice for modeling agencies to sign their models on a non-exclusive contract for supplying them with freelance work.

Modeling Opportunities Through Non-Exclusive Modeling Agencies

With their ability to cater for all modeling requirement to their clients, modeling agencies remain the most important supplier of work for freelance models. So if you want to make a successful career in modelling you will need to know how the modeling agencies operate.


The modelling industry have many different genres and categories but the business principles remain the same throughout the industry. Modeling agencies are set to provide their clients with a choice of models that are closely matching the requirements for their photoshoot campaigns. They negotiate the fees with the clients and charge percentage of commission for every job they book for their models. Usually around 20-25% commission is taken from the models earnings before they get paid. So the more jobs they book the more commission they will earn. The good news for the models is that most modeling agencies are offering the jobs on a non-exclusive contract basis. That means that they are not restricted to model for them exclusively but they can join as many non-exclusive modeling agencies as they need to stay booked at all times.

Go see Modeling Opportunities and Open calls

Most modeling agencies regularly host open call or go see events when aspiring models are invited to meet the agents who are looking for models to meet the characteristics of their clients requirements. There is no need to make an appointment. On the Open calls and Go see events, agents are seeing models in small groups sessions throughout the day.

It won’t guarantee a success but it is a good common sense to attend the early sessions rather than the late ones while the viewers are not tired and the spirits still run high.

Castings and Auditions

Castings and auditions are arranged by the agents when selected models meeting the clients in person so the clients can make a decision on which models to pick for the job. So it is vital for the models to be there on time and be prepared.


While it is not compulsory to bring a professional modeling portfolio when you meet your agent for the first time on Open calls or Go see, having a professional advice and carefully selected portfolio photographs prior the event will give you a significant advantage and make you stand out. In the cases when an agency really see your potential and they are willing to sign you on they will want to invite you to auditions and castings with their clients. This is the point when you will be required to have a professional portfolio ready. They cannot send you to casting without one as you have no way of showing the casting directors your versatility and how your mages translates on camera. This is what clients and casting directors look at upon deciding who they want to hire for jobs.

Most agencies will send you straight to the photographers where you will need to pay for the photoshoots and the production of the modelling portfolio while some may offer you to cover the expenses required. However, it does not mean that you are getting it for free. You will be expected to pay it back usually by having to pay the agency a higher commission. Depending on the agency in some cases they may still keep you responsible for the debt even if you have not been working for them or decide not to do modelling any longer. Therefore for aspiring models is advisable to get well informed about the agencies they are approaching and make sure they read through the contracts carefully before signing. No reputable agency should put a pressure on you should you wish to take more time to review the contract.

Modelling Platforms

Modeling Platforms are companies such as SIX Models who offer aspiring models free impartial advice and professional assessment on their modeling abilities. Registering with a reputable modeling platform is the first step in the right direction towards becoming a professional model. You will receive all the help and support you will need. Best of all, for the successful applicants they will help further by arranging FREE photoshoot tests with a professional modelling photography studio to evaluate their modelling abilities and give a specific advice on the important points of:


  • What types of modeling you should be targeting so you put all your efforts in to it and be successful.
  • How to construct and develop a professional modelling portfolio
  • Help you prepare and apply to modeling agencies
  • Refer you the right modeling agencies that are suitable for you
  • Review the contacts that you have been offered.
  • Give you lots of valuable tips and advice on how to promote yourself as a professional model in order to stay on top and get bookings.



By now you have probably realised that getting the right information from the right people is what will ensure you starting a successful modelling career safely and without wasting time.


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How Female Models Become High Fashion Models

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How Female Models Become High Fashion Models

Female Models

Modeling has always been a very desirable profession and especially amongst young girls and women. Female models are often associated with the glamour lifestyle of the models that manage to become high fashion models. This also makes it one of the most popular and most competitive category of the modelling industry. The high fashion modeling agencies requirements being quite strict and demanding only a small percentage of the girls make it to the podium of the high fashion models catwalk. But this should not be a reason to discourage you as new talented female models are being discovered every day and let me reassure you that it takes much more than just a luck. You are not only have to be on the right place at the right time but when the opportunity comes you should be well prepared for it. If you are not ready you will simply miss out.

Modeling Platform For Female Models

While Modeling agencies remain the main supplier of models for the high fashion brands, with the arrival of the internet modelling has become easier to access for new aspiring female models. Modelling platform companies such as SIX Models are offering free services for aspiring models in their quest for finding new talent. Their services includes the very first steps that are required to take towards becoming professional female models. These would include an industry expert’s advice; free test photoshoot; expert viewer assessment; referrals to the appropriate modelling agencies and most importantly getting the right information from the right people. Joining a reputable modeling platform is the safest way to start a career in the modeling industry without risking of falling into the traps of the scam artists or wasting more time.

The First Steps

Modeling is a hugely diverse but highly profitable industry, a highly popular marketing tool used by literary every fashion brand and desirable to all successful businesses. Models are people who represent the products and services made for people. A model’s job is to help sell those product which they represent by being able to get into a character and make their target market relate to them wearing the product. In order to be successfully get picked for a high profile photoshoot assignment the model should be able to demonstrate their ability to get into a character; being able to incorporate acting in everything they do; being able to deal with challenges such as doing the catwalk on an elevated podium, wearing a 9” high heels or working in cold or hot weather conditions; holding tarantula spider in their hands or a “venomous” reptile. It is all about confidence. And the only thing that will give you such confidence is being prepared.


With so many modelling categories having a professional assessment done will help you find you niche market in the modeling industry to suite your modelling characteristics and start a successful modeling career. So here are a few important things female models should consider doing before make the decision to put their application forward to the top modeling agencies.


  1. Register with a Modeling Platform to get a professional assessment done
  2. Developing the right modeling portfolio that is relevant for your category
  3. Research the modeling agencies who specialise in your genre and apply to those which are relevant.
  4. Create your social media accounts across the net as a professional model
  5. Have your portfolio developed in all the available formats for maximum exposure
  6. Be self-marketer. Explore all the channels of getting paid work and most importantly be switched on and ready for it.


Except the top modeling agencies, most smaller agencies usually offer non-exclusive contract for freelance female models. This means that female models are able to join as many non-exclusive agencies as they can find to get maximum exposure and increase the chances of getting paid work.


Nevertheless any assignment offers that comes your way should not be underestimated, even the free non paid jobs. They all count as while you are getting more experience in the modeling industry your confidence will grow helping you to create a stronger portfolio, build relationships, get references from other models, photographers and casting directors. Even having an extensive experience under your belt you will never know when the opportunity to get to the big stage of modeling will come, but when it comes you will make sure you are ready to grab it.



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How to get into modeling

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How to get into modeling

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If your dream is to become a model the very first thing you will need to establish is can you be a professional model. Having beautiful figure and good looks is always a plus, but this is only scratching the surface of the professional modelling requirements. If you want to learn how to get into modeling without wasting more time, look for modelling platform companies such as Six Models which can help you with getting professional evaluation done on your modelling abilities. Just to be clear, modelling platforms are not agencies. They are there to offer aspiring models all the help and support they require to get them ready so they know how to get into modeling and be successful.


There is a demand for modelling in almost every business and every industry in the world. Modelling is a highly effective marketing tool which businesses are using to show the strengths and the beauty of their products and services and make them desirable.


Modelling is a hugely diverse industry covering many different types of modelling categories and subcategories. If you want to be successful you will first need to determine what kind of look you have and what strengths and weaknesses you may have in order to pick the modelling category which is right for you. There are many characteristics which the models are evaluated by when it comes to choosing the areas of modelling matching their abilities. Having given a professional assessment you will know how to get into modeling and what steps you will need to take to succeed.


Six Models platform offers FREE assessment for aspiring models to help them pick the right category that they can concentrate all their efforts on. Some of the most popular modelling categories are listed below:


Catwalk and High Fashion Modelling; Editorial Modelling; TV & Film Extras; Commercial & Character Modeling; Catalogue Modelling; Fitness Modelling; Promotional Modelling; Cosmetics Modelling; Classic Modelling; Plus-Size Modeling


Get an expert’s opinion of your prospects as a model

If your dream is achieve financial independence as a professional model it is quite essential that you look for an expert’s opinion to determine what is the best course of action to start your modeling career. SIX Models is one of the leading modeling platform in the UK helping aspiring models to prepare for the many opportunities available out there for freelance models. For the successful applicants SIX Models will arrange a free test photo shoot with a prestige modelling studio where a complete team of photographers, stylist and makeup artist will carry out a professional assessment.


The test photo-shoot is design to bring out the best of your abilities and not to judge you directly. Our experienced team will be there to inspire you and motivate you but also evaluate you on essential things like

– can you follow directions

– can you pose

– how your images translate to the camera

– how adaptable and versatile your images are


With a professional evaluation done you will know how to get into modeling with a clear direction for your future career.


SIX Models works with only best and if you are in London for example, your photo-shoot will be booked with one of the most prestigious photography studios in the West End Piccadilly.

Modelling portfolio

The studio you will be send to for your test photo shoot will evaluate your modelling abilities and only if you are successful, SIX models assessor will talk you through the process of constructing and developing a professional modelling portfolio. How to develop and promote your modeling portfolio is the first lesson you will learn if you wish to know how to get into modeling as a professional.

The portfolio is the one most important marketing tool that models can have. This is their CV to put forward when applying for freelance jobs or joining modelling agencies. One thing you need to remember is that you should never compromise on the quality of the images in your portfolio as this is what the modelling agents and casting directors will be looking at when deciding on the choice of models they have on the table.

What’s more, different modelling agencies can have different requirements for signing models. So you will want a diverse portfolio to try and reach into as many areas as possible. Having developed a diverse portfolio is one of the most effective tricks on how to get into modeling and get bookings in multiple categories.


Agents who wish to represent you will need to show your printed portfolio on the meetings with their clients. Having your portfolio available on-line as a webfolio, having your portfolio in digital CD format and Z-card format can significantly increase your chances of more exposure and more bookings. You should always take your printed portfolio with you when attending castings for agency clients and freelance jobs. Be switched on and always on the look for new job opportunities. Every modelling job counts, no matter how big or small as it is adding to your modelling experience and helping you build a stronger portfolio.


Launching your modeling career

Before you make the decision to start a career in modelling you must be aware that you are not just starting a job but you are launching your own small modelling enterprise.

As scary or exciting ‘launching a new career’ may sound you should know that you are not alone. If you decide to join SIX Models, they will be there to support you and look after you every step of the way so you know how to get into modeling and launch a successful career without wasting more time.


The modeling industry can be very competitive, but if you are determined to become a model just follow these three simple steps which will help you start an exciting and very rewarding career.


SIX Models will actually reveal how to get into modeling as a freelancer and create your own brand right from the start.


  1. Pick the modelling areas that are best for you. Register with SIX Models modelling platform to get your professional assessment done.
  2. Using the list of agencies SIX Models will provide you with do your research to learn as much as possible about each one of them. Approach only agents who are specialising in your field and enquire of the type of contracts they are offering. Unless you are signed to an extremely high end agency you should be looking to sign a non-exclusive contract. This enables you to join all the agencies available in your area which will increase your chances of filling up your booking calendar.
  3. Think of yourself as business owner and explore all the available channels of getting new opportunities. As a professional model you should always be prepared. The best way to do this is to have your modelling portfolio produced in both printed and a digital formats so it could always be available and easy to deliver whether you are communicating with your prospect online or meeting them in person.



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How To Get Into Modeling For FREE And Start Earning Without Having Prior Experience

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How To Get Into Modeling For FREE And Start Earning Without Having Prior Experience

six models

About You

If want to know how to get into modeling and start earning as a full time model you have come to the right place. You are probably not aware of your full potential and all the opportunities this exciting industry has to offer. The arrival of the internet have made a lot of changes in modeling industry and now modeling has become even more desirable career than ever as it can be highly profitable and does not require big investment to get into.

So chances are if you have the looks and the talent to be a model already, you just need to be given the “know how” of turning your talent into a highly profitable business.

The problem

You see, lack of expert’s information and advice on how to get into modeling is one of the biggest problems models have. Too much glorified information out there, too many options but no clear step by step instructions on how to get into modeling and make money..Chances are, you already know that you have what it takes to be a model but you don`t know how to start making money with it. We are not surprised as this is the case with 90% of the models who fail to make it in the modeling industry.


You’ve probably invested a lot of time in research and learning on how to get into modeling but when it comes to actually implement all that information, there are always some questions arising and you are not sure if you doing things right. What’s more, there’s no one to call to help you when you’re stuck. Very often models just need someone to reassure them that they are following the right steps.


What also may be puzzling you how all these models you often see on the social media seems to be successful and why can’t you be one of them.

This is why SIX Models created this article to provide a step by step guide on how to get into modeling.

4 Steps on how to get into modeling and start a successful career

  1. Assessment – in order to define what type of model you are you will need to register with a reputable modeling platform such as SIX Models who will book a test photoshoot for you to establish your measurements and evaluate your modelling abilities. This will help you decide which modeling category you can be most successful in, so you concentrate all your efforts and energy into it. Modelling platform companies also provide free mentoring service set to give aspiring models all the tips and advice on how to get into modeling safely and quickly.
  2. Credibility – establishing your credibility is important so when potential clients research you they should see you as a dedicated professional who they can trust to do the job.
    1. If your assessment comes positive you can order your professional portfolio and have it created in four different formats: printed binder, CD, webfolio and z-card.
    2. Use the Social Media to create accounts in all the popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Brand yourself using the same profile picture, theme colours and description across all social media sites. Use social media management software to save time and get maximum exposure.
    3. Post regularly about your professional life and the trends in the modeling industry.
  3. Marketing – All models are freelancers which means that modeling is their own business. As such freelance models have to explore all the channels and possibilities of getting more jobs.
    1. Search Google for “modeling opportunities”, “modeling jobs” and reply to adverts.
    2. Search for blogs and forums specialising in modeling to take part in the conversation by posting comments so you can include link to your webfolio and draw people’s attention back to you.
    3. Search Twitter for people talking about opportunities or ask questions. and See What Is Happening Right Now!
    4. Join large groups and communities on Facebook, G+ and Linkedin to take part in conversations, comments on posts and again an opportunity to draw people’s attention to your site. One thing you should remember is that people who you meet on social media don’t like to be sold but enjoy conversations and create relationships.
    5. Research all the modeling agencies which are specialising in your type of modelling. Pick the ones that you wish to work with and put your application forward. Most modeling agencies offer non-exclusive contracts for freelance models which means that you can apply to join as many agencies as you need to stay on top and get regular flow of bookings.
    6. Take part in Open Calls, Go see and attend trade shows and networking events. Don’t underestimate any assignment offers that comes your way even the free non paid jobs. They all count as while you are getting more experience in the modeling industry your confidence will grow and will help you create a stronger portfolio, build relationships, get references from other models, photographers and casting directors.
  4. Professional conduct – While appearance is always the decisive factor in the modeling scene, you have to have the right attitude when invited to auditions and castings. The three other vital ingredients to make a professional model are determination, discipline and self-confidence.


You see….getting into a successful modeling career doesn’t have to be so hard. Many models who have embraced the internet have become successful because it allows them to reach out to a great amount of modeling agencies, brands and individuals connected to the modeling industry. When you gain enough experience and establish your credibility as a professional model you will feel confident to put your application forward to the top modeling agencies and be prepared to work with the best in the industry.


For more information and full continuous support on how to get into modeling safely and without wasting more time give SIX Models a call or register for FREE on the form provided.


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Male Models

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Male Modeling

Over the last few years male modelling has grown massively with so many different areas to explore. From fashion clothing to sports wear, accessories and cosmetic there are more and more products for men on the market and the budgets for advertising have been growing in equal proportion. This has created modelling job opportunities for males of almost all shapes, age, ethnicity and sizes.


However if you wish to become a professional there are modeling requirements that you need to know about. As a general rule all men are required to have good physique. Male models of a slimmer, sharper look tend to find success in high-fashion modelling like catwalk and designer. More muscular models tend to be a perfect fit for fitness and health modelling as well as swimwear and underwear modelling. Areas such as catalogue and commercial modelling are always looking for male models with a more “natural” and “normal” look as they are aiming at the masses.

Professional assessment

Most men won’t have the universal classic look that fits all male modeling agencies requirements. The key to starting a successful career is to first determine which modeling category their appearance and modeling abilities are best suited. Having a professional evaluation done is essential for aspiring models to help them pick the right one so they can concentrate all their efforts in building an appropriate modeling portfolio for the relevant modeling requirements. The good news is that modeling platform companies such as SIX Models offer professional assessment for new models FREE of charge as part of their ongoing support and mentoring program.

Male Modeling Agencies Requirements

It is important to know that not all modeling agencies are the same. The large spectrum of businesses in variety of industries creates the demand for more versatile modeling requirements. Therefore before start approaching those agencies in random it is strongly recommended for new models to get a professional advice about constructing their modeling portfolio the way that it matches the male modeling agencies requirements. As it was mentioned before using modeling platform companies such as SIX Models you can get such consultation and personal advice for free.

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Modeling Agencies London

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Modeling Agencies London


If you wish to come to London to start a modeling career the smart way to do this is to look for a reputable modeling platform first. While the agencies have the ability to provide jobs for aspiring models the competition may seem impossible to overcome. The reality is that London is one of the fashion capitals of the world attracting all the major brands and businesses whose first choice of marketing is modelling. Therefor most modelling agencies in London are rarely short of work and new models are advices to get well prepared before taking the decision to apply.

Modelling platform companies such as Six Models are set to provide aspiring models with all the help and support they require to start their modeling career on a right foot quickly and safely. Starting with evaluating their modeling skills and helping them prepare for the types of modeling agencies London has to offer. Registering with a modeling platform is important as it gives you an instant access to industry professionals. You can ask all the questions concerning modelling and about the opportunities available for you in the city of London.

You will also find that some of the top modeling agencies are based in London. Some of the well established international brands like Elite Models, Storm, Models One and Premier also based in London have the power to turn their young models into super stars. They are also known as exclusive agencies and usually specialising in the high fashion industry. They have plenty of work for their models keeping them busy with the constant flow of high profile assignments. Models who have been accepted to join any of them had the success of their career pretty much guaranteed.

There are many other smaller agencies in London that don’t have the same power as the top modeling agencies but it doesn’t mean they are less worthy. London is a huge marketplace offering constant flow of job opportunities for variety of categories and subcategories of the modeling industry.

What modeling agencies London has to offer can vary from commercial, editorial, TV and film to cosmetics, fitness and child modelling as well as many more. Therefore they must be  prepared to cater for all kind of businesses from small enterprises to large retailers and corporations.

The nature of their business is much more diverse than the top high fashion agencies as they are required to have much longer list of models on their books in order to be able to satisfy all the requirements of their clients. Those agencies usually work with models who are not exclusively signed to them. Models joining them on a non-exclusive contract so that they are not restricted to do jobs for other clients or agencies. So if you are not signed to a top modeling agency it is recommended to join multiple non-exclusive agencies for maximum exposure. Joining more agencies will increase your chances of getting more work.

Gaining experience from working with the non exclusive agencies will help you build a strong portfolio which can lead you to the opportunity of working with top modeling agencies.

If you are determined to start a modeling career in London and want to start earning as soon as possible you should find a reputable modeling platform to get all the help and advice on your best course of action.

Modeling platform companies such as SIX Models have the answer for all your questions concerning your future career which is everything you need to know from modelling assessment to marketing and getting ready for the big stage of the modelling industry.

You will know how to become a professional model and start making money with a minimum investment and risk free using your modelling portfolio.

After your registration is approved they would arrange a free photoshoot test for you with a professional modelling agency. A team of professional viewers will evaluate your abilities on how you:

Connect with the camera; Can pose; Can take directions; How your look translates to the camera; Does the camera loves you?


They are there to give you a professional opinion and you should not be offended if they tell you that modeling is not for you as it will probably be true. You should know that you are dealing with team of professional people who are not there to judge you directly. They are there to make you as comfortable as possible so you can show your modelling potentials. Their aim will be to inspire you and motivate you. When you join a reputable modeling platform they normally provide you with a mentor who will be personally looking after you.

Should you choose Six Models, for their successful applicants SIX Models will book a FREE photoshoot test at one of the most prestigious modeling studios in Central London`s Piccadilly worth over £500.

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Modeling Requirements

six models

Modeling Requirements

There are modeling requirements for all the different types of models and multiple categories in the modeling industry. If you want to be successful you will need be versatile and creative to be able to fit the modeling requirements of your clients. It is important to bear in mind that models are self-employed. They are rarely employed by the agencies who represent them. Even super-star models are self-employed or also known as freelance models.

One of the most important fact that new models have to determine when they are starting out is what modeling categories their looks, measurements and features are best suitable for to satisfy the specific modeling requirements. Most common mistake aspiring models make is approaching random modeling agencies unprepared. Not knowing what modeling do they specialise in and not having a modeling portfolio with them increases the risk of falling into the traps of the scam artists which unfortunately this industry is very much exposed to. Being safe and getting the right information from the right people is key to starting a successful modeling career. The good news is that if you are on a tight budget and you are not able to book a professional photoshoot assessment yourself, you can register with a modeling platform company such as SIX models who can provide all the help and support for you.

You will need all the answers to the following key questions:


What are your measurements

What kind of look you have

Can you pose

Are you natural

Can you connect with the camera

Can you follow directions

Does the camera loves you


With having a professional assessment done you can be sure that you can be a professional model and have a clear idea what kind of modeling is suitable for you.


You should not be disheartened If you are not matching the modeling requirements to be a high fashion and catwalk model. There are so many other types of models that are successful such as Editorial Modelling; Commercial & Character Modeling; Catalogue Modelling; Fitness Modelling; Promotional Modelling; Cosmetics Modelling; Classic Modelling; Plus-Size Modeling and more.


As long as you have a professional evaluation done and having a clear understanding of the modeling requirements of the category you are specialising in you will have every chance to become a successful professional model. It is important to realise that with launching your modeling career you are starting your own business and building your brand. Here are some valuable tips to help you keeping on top and manage your successful freelance career.


  • Being passionate about what you do will ensure your success.
  • Always act as a professional and don’t let standards slip.
  • Knowing your strengths and your weaknesses will allow you to avoid mistakes.
  • Continually work on your modeling skills will increase your confidence.
  • Keeping healthy lifestyle is key to look happy and healthy.


Modeling requirements also vary depending on the types of models such as Female Models; Ethnicity Models; Male Modeling; Children Modeling;

Female Modeling Requirements

Female models have always been popular and in high demand across all the modeling categories and in particular in the high fashion and catwalk, catalogue, editorial, cosmetic and commercial. Such a demand has made the female sector the most lucrative and desirable sections of the modeling industry. However getting into the professional world of modelling could be a daunting experience as it is a very competitive market. It requires dedication together with self discipline and determination as success won’t come overnight.

Ethnicity Modelling Requirements

As the world has become an open market more and more ethnic models are being represented by the mainstream media and the demand is constantly growing. There has been a huge increase in black, Asian, Indian and Chinese models being used on the catwalk and to front cosmetic and fashion brands. For example Chinese model Zhang Zilin has been used as the face of L’Oréal Paris campaigns.


Male Modeling Requirements

There are so many areas which male models can explore in depending of their looks, physic, ethnicity and age. Slimmer and taller male models tend to go for the high fashion catwalk modeling. More muscular models tend to be more successful in the health and fitness modelling as well as underwear and sweet ware modeling. While the catalogue and commercial sectors are looking for male models with more natural appearance.

Children Modeling Requirements

Parents and their kids can both enjoy the wonderful world of children modelling as long as they know that modelling is a job and it could be quite demanding at times. The parent’s first priority is to ensure the happiness and the safety of the modelling child first. Child modeling is the most regulated modelling category in the industry and it is important for the parents to be aware of the laws and restrictions involved.


So if your dream is to achieve financial independence as a professional model go ahead and register to apply for the free SIX Models mentoring service. SIX Models platform is a FREE service which will give you the “know how” of everything you need set up in order to launch your exciting new career and promote your own brand….and when you get on the path of doing something right, just keep doing it and your success surely won’t be far away.




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Top modeling agencies – how to get accepted

six models

Top modeling agencies – how to get accepted


Top modeling agencies are the once that every model wants to sign with. Being accepted with the one of the top modeling agencies can define the success of a young model career.

Top modeling agencies are known to work with top photographers, stylists, makeup artists and casting directors and a network of the best high fashion brands who keep coming to them with endless lists of high profile assignments. This enables them to offer exclusive contracts for their models, providing them with plenty of jobs so they don’t have to look for extra work elsewhere.


If you have the right measurements, posture and the talent to be a model, becoming a professional top model should not be that difficult. Top modeling agencies work with the best teams of professionals so you need to demonstrate that you are on the same level. While appearance, good looks, and the right measurements are most important the models professional conduct can be the decisive factor. Establishing your credibility as a professional model is very important as this is what makes a model stand out.


The first step would be looking for a professional photography studio to create your modelling portfolio. An expert viewer will be assessing your modelling abilities and body characteristics. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is important as it will help your continuous professional development.


All models are freelance models so if you are not signed to an exclusive contract with a top modeling agency you should be aiming to join as many non-exclusive agencies as possible in order to get more exposure and bookings. When you are starting out you should consider every modelling opportunity no matter how big or small and that includes even the free non paid photoshoots. Gaining experience, building relationships and getting references from photographers, stylists, makeup artists and casting directors should be your first priority. The more jobs you take on the more your confidence will grow. Constantly adding strong and quality images to your portfolio will give you a significant competitive advantage and make you stand out. Your persistence and hard work will help you establish your credibility as a professional model which will make you more desirable.


The Social Media offers the greatest opportunity for freelance models. Using Social Media is a very effective way to brand yourself as a professional model and get more exposure.

One thing to remember is that using social media is all about being social, take part in conversations and build relationships. You will never know where the next opportunity will come from as people in the fashion industry usually stay in the industry so it is vitally important that you are constantly working on building your list of contacts.


With the time your confidence will grow and when you feel ready to apply to work with the top modeling agencies find the ones that are available in your area and approach them to enquire about putting your application forward. You should be able to find the list of modeling agencies online. You need to bare in mind that not all agencies are the same but they may specialise in the different areas of modeling such as commercial, fitness, high fashion etc. Doing more research will help you establish who they are and how credible they are. Look for signs such as: are there any famous models work for them; are they sponsoring events; do they have large fan base on social media; check YouTube for recorded events or commercials. If they look credible enough find an application form on their website to apply or give them a call to enquire. Personal approach always works better but you can also send them an email or fill out a webform on their website. If their offices are not too far it is not a bad idea just to walk in and ask for an application form. Taking more personal approach will show them your determination and meeting them in person may increase your chances of being accepted.


Every reputable modeling agency should fairly review your application as they all should have an equal opportunities policy in place. Depending on the modeling categories the agency specialising in they will be looking for models who will be closely matching the characteristics of their clients requirements. Find out what their requirements are to determine if your portfolio is matching the category of modeling they are working in. Even if you have put your application forward but it has been rejected it does not mean failure. Rejection is absolutely normal as very often the casting directors are looking for specific characteristics when looking to hire the right model for the job. So rejection should not discourage you as there are other agencies who may find that your look is just right for them.


If you are just starting out and you need a professional assessment done Six Models is a professional modeling platform set to help aspiring models determine the best course of action towards starting a successful modeling career. Applying for a free valuation is simple, just fill the registration form provided and upload your best picture. Our support team will call you straight back as soon as you application has been processed.

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